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Richard, Surrey (Composer desk)

I contacted Joseph to enquire about a bespoke desk required to house a musical keyboard and other equipment (I am a composer). It’s important to me that everything should be accessible without becoming cluttered.


My requirements included space to hide cabling, a removable lid to cover the keyboard, a raised monitor stand, and for the final desk to be aesthetically pleasing. 

Joseph designed and adapted a beautiful desk to suit all of my requirements. It is as functional as it is stylish, and it makes my work easier every day.




Claire, Surrey (Bespoke keepsake box)

He absolutely LOVES the box. He was completely in awe of how beautifully made it is and keeps opening and closing the box to look at it. The way the top tray sits so snugly and glides down and how the box lid fits so gracefully over this tray are all his favourite bits. 

So, thank you for being a master craftsman and creating something that we can pass down and be treasured for generations.

Thank you so much for working so closely with me to create such a beautiful piece of craftsmanship.



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Steve, Surrey (Wine rack)

Thank you so much for making this wonderful piece in such a short period of time. Your help and advice during the design process was invaluable and the craftsmanship is outstanding.




07900 696196

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